Alumni Scholarship Fund

Every Student Deserves The Seton Experience

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Every Student Deserves The Seton Experience

Continue the Seton Tradition

Every spring, over 150 well qualified 8th grade students enroll at Seton Catholic Preparatory. Yet every July, many families weigh the decision to "un-enroll" because of the financial gap between the cost of tuition and their ability to pay.

Led by a challenge by the Class of '88, alumni from all years pool convenient monthly donations to fuel the Alumni Scholarship Fund. This Fund provides enough dollars to close the gap for these families and to ensure that all qualified students have full access to a Seton Catholic education.

In 1954, Father Joseph Patterson and the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill founded this school to bring secondary education to students in the East Valley. Building on that heritage, the Alumni Scholarship Fund continues this mission to provide a top level education to every student who desires it, regardless of his or her family's financial means.

Thank you for continuing the Seton Tradition.